Bit Hotel Tickets

Making the mini-games rewarding in a scalable manner
Bit Hotel Tickets are synthetic reward tokens for the Bit Hotel Ecosystem. Holders can use these tickets to purchase native NFT assets on the primary market. These tickets are provided as rewards for winning mini-games, through leaderboard rewards, completion of daily tasks and can be acquired with player to player trades.
Ticket balance can be found in the top-right corner
Bit Hotel tickets have an inflationary supply, meaning that the more players join the Bit Hotel the more currency of these tickets there will be in the Bit Hotel eco-system. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the way to spend them in the Shop is intelligently capped to ensure rarities of in-game items and game economic values are ensured while the player-base grows. In other words, item quantities available with tickets are relative to the amount of daily active users, and prices are based on floor-prices on the secondary marketplace.
Next to spending your tickets at the shop, more utilities are in the works. Ticket staking models are connected to the Bit Hotel Launchpad tiers for instance, offering both added utility to Bit Hotel Tickets and a stimulate reduction of the circulating supply for those participating in the launchpad sales.
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