Commercial Real Estate

The place for organizations to set up shop in the Metaverse.

In Bit Hotel there are a number of business floors that allow organizations, communities and protocols to set up a room with commercial goals. Next to residential floors of the hotel, the avid entrepreneur can also partake in business ventures through these real estate assets. Whether you open a restaurant or bar, or opt for something larger such as conference halls or a club the in-game purchases will net a great return to the metaverse-native investor that follows his entrepreneurial sprits. How this works, we delve into below.

Large Rooms

The largest residential assets of the Bit Hotel, currently penthouses and suites, will have the option to place a store-front into your room to allow for purchases of in-game assets when you as a player are offline. Meaning people can enter your room interact with your store-front (can be run by an NPC) and can purchase items you have listed without you having to be there in-person.

Over time there will be more furniture assets added that can be combined and expanded to allow for custom builds that will enable store-front owners to sell unique 1 of 1 items and become a monopoly.

Bit Hotel Business Floors

On the higher-end of the spectrum in commercial Bit Hotel Real Estate are full business floor, consistent of 80-150+ rooms. Whether you’re an investor, collector or guild-leader, acquiring a chunk of the Bit Hotel brings a myriad of opportunities. As a floor-owner you can sublet, loan, rent-out, commercialize and or sell thousands of tiles of the Hotel. Contact us for availability, community channels below.

Hotel Conference Rooms

In order to incentivize existing communities to set gatherings and meet up in the Bit Hotel metaverse there will be custom pieces of floors available. These conference rooms will be locations that are owned by leaders of communities or organizations and can be used for group activities such as hosting Conferences, Auctions, Meet-Ups, AMAs, DAO Discussions & more.

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