The place to own some noobs, earn rewards and rank on the leaderboards!
Mini-games are the primary way to progress through the game. By competing against other players in public games and tournaments you do not only earn in-game currencies, you rank in the leaderboards and complete daily and weekly tasks as well!
Mini-games come in different shapes and sizes and are not all created equal. There are different types of mini-games, some that you can play on your own, other that you will have to queue up for in a lobby. All however should reward you handsomely once you have build the skills to rank #1 from time to time.

Ticket-based Mini-games

A whole range of fun multiplayer games reward the player's participating with Bit Hotel tickets. These ticket's have specific characteristics as can be read here and can be exchanged at the shop for items. The first of these mini-games ever released is the CryptoBomber game.
The ticket based mini-games are mostly skill-based and are dierctly connected to the leaderboards. Winning games or at least finishing in top positions will reward you while ending last willnet you little to no reward (to prevent bots from earning). More tutorials for mini-games will be added as new mini-games come out over time.
By ranking in the leaderboards you will earn BTH token rewards, making the ticket-based mini-games play-to-earn as well, in a meaningful way that allows e-sports events and tournaments to be rewarding.

Token based mini-games

A second category of mini-games is the token based mini-games, which reward players for playing in $BTH token. To enter these mini-games an entrance fee or initial stake has to be used, meaning these games are not always free to play. The fees are in turn used to reward players for competing.
Token based mini-games will also be available in singleplayer as well as multiplayer variants and allow a player to earn a multitude of the tokens paid to enter the mini-game.

Player-Owned Mini-games

Now to the exciting part, all mini-games that fall in the other categories as well as more unique mini-games will be hosted by players themselves through furniture and the creative use of room-based mechanics.
To be a bit more precise, room owners can use the room editor to set up different kinds of mini-games such as mazes, musical chairs, trivia quizzes with chat and many more. The sky is the limit basically and this category will most certainly become the most expansive and exciting category of mini-games inside of Bit Hotel.
Next to the using the room editor and social functionalities to run mini-games, furniture will also allow players to host games. Some of these will be playable by 1 player, others require your friends to participate or connect to a matchmaking server. One example of furniture based, player-owned mini-games fall in the arcade machine collection.
Now hop on over to the Bit Hotel log in page and DM your friends to join you! Let's see who is the MVP today!
For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!
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