Where the sweaty players hang out, the upper echelons of the competitive side of Bit Hotel.
If everything were easy, it wouldn't be as much fun. That's one thing that's certain!
Which is why Bit Hotel is structured to reward the most skilled and committed players the most! This is done through a tiered Leaderboard system that tracks your in-game performance and earnings.
Every season there will be a small subset of players reaching the top-tier and getting handsomely rewarded with tokens, rare to epic rarity NFTs, exposure on all socials and custom in-game badges.

How do the Leaderboards work?

With multiple tiers and a scalable setup the leaderboards allow the truly skilled players to excel and shine, while the least active players and bots get more or less nothing. Effort and skill will be rewarded!
Now how does this work? Well the leaderboard conists of 5 different sections, the more sought after and competitive the section, the harder it is to get in. Here's an overview:
  1. 1.
    Top 5% Diamond
  2. 2.
    Top 15% Gold
  3. 3.
    Top 40% Silver
  4. 4.
    Top 75% Bronze
  5. 5.
    Top 100% Metal
All players start at the bottom, logically, where they will reside until they gain enough tickets to rise to Bronze. Which would be 25% more tickets than the absolute bottom of the board on average. More clearly: rising to bronze from metal would mean you would have more ickets than the average of the bottom 25% of players.
Now the difficulty level of attaining and protecting your spot in Diamond should be clear. Not an easy feat! And you might have guessed it by now, but every season the Bit Hotel Leaderboard will be reset, allowing new players to increase their chances to do well.
Mini-game arena of one of the early access mini-games

How will rewards work in these tiers?

To make sure all players feel equally rewarded for their ranging level of effort in a season of Bit Hotel the leaderboards work in a cumulative model. What does this mean?
Being in the top 5% of players in a season will reward you as a player with all rewards that the tiers below you have acquired plus more. So to give an example, a Gold Tier player will acquire the token rewards that the tiers below them got (Bronze, Iron) PLUS an uncommon rarity NFT. Not a bad deal!
Bit Hotel is structured to invite e-sports tournaments, pro teams, guilds, DAOs and more to give it their best shot! The more competitive the more fun the eco-system will become!
Now what are you waiting for? Log in and grind your way to the top!
For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!