Rarities and Characteristics

Why would one care about a higher rarity? Well here's the deal.
All in-game items fall under one of the 6 available rarities, common-legendary. Next to the increasing levels of scarcity these rarities indicate the items within each category have unique perks. Some collections have have multiple rarities within the same collection, often indicated by color. Other collections are purely one rarity, such as a specific character in a season of Bit Hotel. In both cases the value, price and utilities gradually build up based on the rarity.
Room design with different rarity furniture pieces
Rarities give rooms a bonus on the interest you earn via staking. While characters give you a boost to in-game earnings. Find more about these perks and their implications in their respective sections on the left. In future season owning specific collections or rarities will allow you to be eligible for airdrops, which will include entrance ticket NFTs, custom characters and furniture, badges and more. So HODLing your NFT assets will pay dividends.
Go check out the marketplace and scoop up a few different rarity items to make sure you don't miss out on any airdrops and events.
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