Arcade machines, statues, trophies, kitchen appliances, gaming computers and more!
Owning a room in Bit Hotel goes hand in hand with collecting furniture, designing your room and having guests over for interactive events, meet-ups, galleries, AMAs, role-playing, tournaments and more! But how does furniture work exactly? And how do you acquire these illusive pieces of furniture? To answer those questions and more you have to look at a number of different furniture types, the shop and the room builder. As not all pieces of furniture are created equal! Different rarities, sizes, utilities and methods of acquiring make sure the floor-prices set by the community are constantly changing and new favorites will come up from time to time. Highly anticipated or popular items will be priced higher than others!
Dragon statues with rarity colors

Why Rarities Matter

As read on the NFT rarities section there are 6 different rarities in the Bit Hotel eco-system. Each rarity being a different color and indicating a next level of scarcity. Having a rarer furniture item will not only be prestigious and offer you access to bragging rights, it will also enable more utilities, more earnings (for functional furniture), more subletting revenue and more chances of getting free airdrops within the game. As from time to time the most ambitious and loyal players will be rewarded, owning higher rarity items will quite often gain you access to these exclusive rewards and bonuses. As items are stored on-chain finding and rewarding owners after a a snapshot is taken is quick and efficient.
Example of a furniture set with all rarities

Functional Furniture

There are multiple classes of furniture in the range of collections currently live, one of which is functional furniture. This category allows users interactions with the furniture piece that is more sophisticated than a simple animation (such as sitting).
This category consists of items that let you initiate mini-games from the comfort of your Bit Hotel room, allow you to wager friends via matchmaking to play high-stakes mini-games in which the winner takes all, and to create fun player-designed experiences. Examples consist of the Arcade furniture line, which upon interaction launches a mini-game! One that gives the player and owner of the furniture increased earnings or likelihood to win if it is a chance-based game. Next to that there will be furniture pieces that you can interact with and have fun with while playing with friends in your room,without having to spawn into a mini-game.
Ready for a dance-off?

Permission-based Furniture

As noted in the Rooms category, the owner of a Room can assign different roles to his guests. This entails the delegation of a subset of different privileges to the people in the room, so that they can for instance: 1. Pick up and move furniture. (they can not steal it) 2. Open furniture gates, to let people through from one side to another side of the room. 3. Assign roles to other guests, without needing the room owner. 4. Initiate mini-games with furniture on the owner's behalf.
Wielding these privileges can elevate the gamplay experience significantly and stimulates team-work. This allows communities to operate large rooms, allowing different ranks of members to be able to join different parts of a community clubhouse.
Fence-gates and fences, part of the fence collections

How to Acquire Furniture?

Furniture can be acquired in a multitude of activities! But most commonly players will find and get furniture in the Shop inside of the game. Furniture has actually never been sold prior to release of the game, so the category is relatively rare on itself. Making it a sought-after set of items.
Next to walking into the shop, furniture can also be acquired by competing in mini-games and working your way through the Leaderboard tiers. Higher tiers get a higher chance to receive NFT items next to the token rewards. Practice makes perfect, so give it your best shot!
Now what are you waiting for? Log in, pown some noobs and get yourself a well decorated room! For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!