NFT Minting Dashboards

Don't want to buy an asset second-hand? Buy it when a fresh mint is available!
In the Bit Hotel eco-system there are a number places to acquire NFT assets directly, at a fixed price without having to wait for a seller. These we call "minting dashboards" and allow users an interactive experience to browse NFT assets. In total, there are currently two dashboards.

Room Sale Dashboard ("The Tower")
Pick an area of the hotel of your liking and press view floors to get an overview of the available rooms. There are multiple types of rooms, each with different sizes, perks and rarities.
Make sure you have BNB ready (for gas fees) as well as BTH to purchase the Room. All Rooms are be tradeable on multiple supported marketplaces, this includes Binance NFT as well as the native Bit Hotel marketplace. More floors will open up with the growth of the community and playerbase. Over 500 rooms are in the hands of holders already, which we want to keep scarce to maintain rarity characteristics. So that not too many people can own an Epic rarity Penthouse, keeping it an Epic possession.
On the left hand side of the dashboard after you select a floor-range you’ll be able to change the floor, filter by room size and rarity or find a specific part of the hotel by filling in the coordinates (if you want a room next to one of your friends, for example). After you purchase a room you can upload a PNG onto the floorplan to show its yours, this PNG will show everyone you are the legitimate owner. Do note that rooms will also be purchaseable from the in-game shop. For more information on rooms, please visit the room section here.

The Character Dashboard
Always wanted to be cruisin' through the hotel in style? Well then you should definitely check-in with the Character dashboard from time to time. With over 2000 different Hotel guest character NFTs in the hands of the community, over 30 different designs and 6 rarities it is clear to see why the Hotel lobby is such a colorful and lively place to hang out in. Next to prestige, style and bragging rights characters offer a player a juicy boost on in-game earnings too. With the Epic rarity Hotel guests increasing earnings with double digits (%)! Investing in a character could pay itself off quite quickly! For the full list of perks and considerations view the page here. Now from time to time a new Season of characters will come out and this means that on the dashboard as well as on the in-game shop you will be able to acquire a new look, with new perks and community driven events. For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!