Support the protocol, get voting rights and a juicy APR on your tokens!

The staking dashboard is, where you will be rewarded for holding our multi-purpose means of trade $BTH. Don’t worry, its a piece of cake, we’ll run you through all you need to know below! This includes: NFT staking boosts, time-locks, step-by-step walkthrough to stake and more!

But first: here’s what it looks like!

Through the time-locking (staking) of your $BTH tokens you support the stability of the protocol and earn a nice interest on your principal of tokens staked. Now there are a lot of different numbers and buttons on the staking dashboard, so let's delve into a few.

Staking parameters:

  • Maturity dates (the time you lock your tokens): two options: 90 days, 180 days.

  • APR (your flat interest rate): 9% (90 days), 10.5% (180 days).

  • APY (your compounded interest rate): 9.42% (90 days), 11.07% (180 days). Compounded daily.

  • Personal cap: unlimited.

  • Pool cap (the maximum 1 staking pool can have in tokens): Depends on the pool, view the dashboard.

  • APR Multipliers if you own a Bit Hotel Room NFT: Common x1.3, Uncommon x1.5, Rare x1.6, Super Rare x1.8, Epic x2.

  • NFT Boost: It is the difference between the boosted APY and the standard APY. The boosted APY is the APR with the multiplier applied, compounded daily.

  • Claim Bounty: This is your chance to compound the stake in all the pools, of all the participants; and earn your $BTH bounty!

Step-by-step walkthrough on How to Stake Your BTH:

1 —Head to our staking dashboard and connect your wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, you will see an overview of your rewards and the pools in which you have staked.

2 —Go to “Active pools”

In the section “ Active pools”, you will find 26 pools, one for every combination of room and maturity.

3 — Select the right pool

You will be able to stake in any pool, however, in order to get the boost, you have to stake in the pool that corresponds to the NFT owned in the wallet connected to the dashboard. Don’t worry, the pool will be easy to find as the NFT boost of the corresponding pool will turn green. See below.

4 — Stake

It goes without saying that, in order to stake, you will need to have $BTH in your wallet. You can find our step by step guide on how to buy $BTH tokens here.

Once you have $BTH in your wallet, you can easily stake them by clicking on the pool, which will open this pop-up to confirm.

And don’t forget that you need BNB to transact on the Binance Smart Chain!

Important information

  • The deposited amount as well as the rewards can be withdrawn only after the lock end date has expired.

  • The NFT boost will only be applied if the NFT is in the wallet at the moment of withdrawal.

  • Currently, NFT boosts will only be applied to Bit Hotel rooms!

  • You can only stake once per pool (per wallet), so take this into account when adding balance to stake.

For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!

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