NFT Marketplace

The second-hand trading platform of Bit Hotel
Whether you are a trader, investor or gamer the Bit Hotel NFT Marketplace is a place you don't want to miss. With hundreds of NFTs listed and changing hands this part of the eco-system is where a large chunk of value is created. Now let's see how it works shall we?

First off, here’s what it looks like!

The step-by-step walkthrough on how list your Bit Hotel items on the NFT Marketplace:

1 — Head to the NFT Marketplace and connect your wallet.
Once your wallet is connected, all your NFTs present in your wallet will appear under the “My NFTs” tab. From there you have two options, to list your own NFTs or buy additional ones.
2 — Buy/sell an NFT:
In order to buy new items, you click on the desired NFT on the "Marketplace" tab, make sure you have enough $BTH in your wallet, and then click on Buy Now. Very straightforward, but don't forget you need to be connected with your wallet. Not sure how to buy $BTH? You can find our step by step guide on how to buy $BTH tokens here.
To sell your NFTs, go to the ‘My NFTs” tab and select the NFT you want to sell and click on “Sell your NFT”. Once clicked, it will open this pop up. Do note that if you listed your NFT on an external marketplace that is not on, then it could happen that your NFT does not show up under the My NFTs section as it is already listed elsewhere!
Here you will input your price. To confirm, we ask you to acknowledge that your NFT will be locked and and sent to the marketplace. Once confirmed, your NFT will be listed and it will appear as “For Sale”. You can withdraw your listed NFT off of the Marketplace any time you like!
Okay, you’ve learned the theory, now time for some practice! So get ready for some NFT trading action and head on over to the NFT Marketplace. Note that a 3% transaction fee is incurred on every trade, to pay for the developers who keep the marketplace updated!
For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!