The Lobby

The main social hub inside the Bit Hotel
When first logging in after your sign-up you spawn in this large open area with a jazzy tune playing in the background. You walk over to a set of piccolo's and start a casual conversation full of excitement. Welcome to the Bit Hotel! The lobby is where all legends begin.
From the lobby you can access the rest of the Hotel, which includes an ever increasing number of rooms. We'll dive a bit deeper into each accesible section below.

Room directory

If you move your character over to the elevator and click the button you'll enter into a room overview menu that allows you not only to access your own rooms, but to find all kinds of events and other rooms as well.
The room directory is a place where you can find the fun and exciting events going on in the Bit Hotel. Browse through the curated rooms, rooms which the Bit Hotel team hand-picked to be highlighted, or find a sponsored event at the top of the menu. If there's nothing interesting enough, browse through the public rooms section and join a stranger!

The Taskboard

If you feel like you need a challenge simply stroll over to the task-board and see what is available to conquer. From beating your friends in mini-games to meeting new strangers and making friends, the tasks on the board vary widely in nature.
Completing a streak of tasks every day allows you to open up a Loot box at the end of the week which allows you to get up to Epic rarity items!

The Arcade

By entering the gameboy-themed entrance in the lobby you get transported to a new section of the Hotel: the Arcade! The place of nostalgic button-mashing and ticket-prizes!
From this playful hub you can initiate all kinds of mini-games, give it a shot!

The Shop

Collected enough tickets or $BTH from your fallen enemies? Let's bring them to the shop and buy some goodies!
At the shop you can find a weekly range of products of all categories, some can only be bought with one of the two currencies, so make sure you stock up on both!
More and more places will open up in the lobby as more features get released. Make sure to check in from time to time!
For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!