Whether it's Piccolo Pepe, the Dogefather or Notorious Neo - all Hotel Guests are unique.

Why Hotel Guests?

Have you ever played a game because of friends? Or started and kept playing because of the group you were playing with?
We strongly believe that games are more fun with friends, and the people you meet through games can have a positive impact on your gaming experience in general.
This is why the hotel guest skins/characters are a central part of Bit Hotel. We want to embody the social cooperative aspect of games that make them so fun and give players the option to differentiate themselves from their friends. Giving players an ingame identity is therefore an essential value of the game. We want Bit Hotel to be a game you play for years, and which you want to keep playing because of the people you meet in-game as well as in the wider community.
Play together. Earn together.

How do Hotel Guest NFT’s work exactly?

Let’s start at the beginning. The way to create and collect NFT items in Bit Hotel is through redeeming in-game tokens that you win by playing mini-games.
This makes mini-games important as the primary play-to-earn mechanism. Players who own a specific hotel guest NFT will be able to enjoy perks that make playing these mini-games more attractive. Everyone who redeems the in-game tokens won for NFT’s at the shop will earn more for the time invested in the game, in thr form of a Play to Earn multiplier.
Next to that, owning a Hotel Guest skin will also allow each player to participate in other exclusive in-game events and modes too, player hosted as well as official ones.

What is the Difference between the Hotel Guests?

There are six rarities of Bit Hotel guests, with the primary differences between them being the number of NFT’s minted and the attractiveness of the perks in-game.
  • Common Rarity: 300–500 minted, extra 1–3% of in-game tokens earned per game
  • Uncommon Rarity: 100–200 minted, extra 3–6% of in-game tokens earned per game
  • Rare Rarity: 50–60 minted, extra 7–10% of in-game tokens earned per game
  • Super Rare Rarity: 20–40 minted, extra 11–15% of in-game tokens earned per game
  • Epic Rarity: extra 16–20% of in-game tokens earned per game
  • Legendary Rarity: Perks will only be known to the lucky few that will own them.
Bit Hotel also has a mini-game ranking and leaderboard. These have season-exclusive competitions with NFTs or token prizes for the top players. Some of these will be free for all, and others will only be for people within the same tier (e.g. “Bronze”). Ultimately this serves as another play-to-earn mechanism and allows Bit Hotel to distribute player rewards to players who are actively growing the game.
In principle, we don’t want Hotel Guest NFT’s to give individuals any progression advantage, but we do want to incentivise or reward those who are more invested into the game, whether that is monetarily or time-wise. Therefore you can expect extra utilities such as free mints, soul-bound token airdrops and more to holders of Character NFTs in the close future.

How will Hotel Guest NFTs Evolve over Time?

We believe that the difference between Hotel Guests don’t come from their statistical differences but rather, in how players choose to value them.
First off — being a Epic or Legendary rarity guest is prestigious and important. Being a higher value Hotel guest is typically also desirable, and we expect the ‘best’ players will be attracted to play the less common hotel guests, who together compete in the top echelons of the leaderboards. We’re already beginning to see this with DAO’s and Guilds like Yield Guild Games and Blackpool purchasing higher tier NFT’s and recruiting for their teams. This means that large organized communities can step in and choose to change the "meta" of the game by sheer volume of players participating, devalue-ing certain assets and buying up others, changing the balance of the game.
Which is why the game is structured in a self-balancing fashion, wherein store items change in value based on floor prices on the secondary market. The social-cooperative nature of the game should create a positive experience for everyone. Some people may also purposely play in smaller but more ‘elite’ groups and host their own events, or just social gatherings others will want to play with anybody — it’s completely up to you! So go start that Mafia role-playing group and only let Dogefathers enter your clubhouse!
So why are people spending $5k on a Bit Hotel guest NFT?
Principally, Epic (or other high rarity) Hotel Guest NFT’s are NOT designed to create an uneven playing field for gameplay or progression.
Instead, they have meta and economic implications purely because of how players will socially interact with them, as to how important in-game items are in the Bit Hotel player-owned economy which could for instance be impacted by the distribution amounts of leaderboard rewards. Yet there are also monetary reasons for owning a character, namely the P2E Earnings bonus based on rarity.
Every rarity tier has a balanced yet worthwhile % boost to in-game earnings, making you ROI quicker when competing in the mini-games and giving you a headstart on acquiring all other types of assets in-game.
You can make your own conclusions about how this affects play-and-earn, as will the core-team while they continuously monitor and improve the game.
Oh, and of course, Hotel Guests are also awesome, prestigious, scarce and tradable!
For questions you can find us on our Discord as well as Telegram!